Safe Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips Get Where You Want In One Piece Driving is a daily task for many people that can be made much safer with experience and caution. At Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, TX, we are prepared to perform any auto repairs you need because accidents happen. However, to increase road safety we would

Most Common Check Engine Light Causes

Common Culprits Nobody wants to see the check engine light come on, and it’s tempting to ignore it because the vehicle is still running. In short, it’s confusing and aggravating. While this particular warning light is not an emergency that forces you to pull off the road immediately, it may have a variety of causes–some

Auto Repair & Maintenance Myths

Here’s What’s True When it comes to auto maintenance and repair, some routines are based more on tradition and word of mouth than on the needs of today’s vehicles. In short, they’re myths, not so different from the story of a rabbit that delivers eggs passed down across the generations. It’s not that anyone intentionally

Top Repairs To Expect When You Own a Car

Oil Changes, Engine Repair, & More! When you purchase a new car, you may budget for the monthly payment and gas. It’s important not to forget about auto repair and maintenance. Some services have to be performed on a regular basis, while others often wait until there is an indication that something is wrong. Here

Does Your Vehicle Need Auto Service?

What to Look Out For Any vehicle owner will tell you the importance of proper vehicle maintenance. By following a consistent service schedule, you allow technicians to monitor the systems found within your vehicle and track its condition. But we know that sometimes life gets in the way, and it can be hard to consistently