It’s Great Until It’s Not–Technology Mishaps in Your Vehicle

The “Latest and Greatest” Unquestionably, vehicles have come a long way since those first cars rolled off Henry Ford’s famous assembly line. The production method that was the “latest and greatest” in Ford’s day pales in comparison to cars that can give you directions, park for you, watch for pedestrians, and help you access the

How Can a Symbol Be a Foreign Language?

I’m Confused! When your vehicle’s check engine light illuminates, it can cause quite a bit of angst. It’s simply a picture or outline without the benefit of written explanation, so you may feel confused as to the underlying cause of the CEL. What’s more, the symbol may be as hard for the untrained eye to

Common Check Engine Light Causes

Check Engine Light Causes Make Sure Your Issues Are Fixed If your car’s Check Engine Light is lit up, it means something is wrong and requires a fix. Whether it is an immediate danger or a slight glitch, they all get communicated to you the same way through the Check Engine Light. Some cars will

Safe Driving Tips

Safe Driving Tips Get Where You Want In One Piece Driving is a daily task for many people that can be made much safer with experience and caution. At Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, TX, we are prepared to perform any auto repairs you need because accidents happen. However, to increase road safety we would

Most Common Check Engine Light Causes

Common Culprits Nobody wants to see the check engine light come on, and it’s tempting to ignore it because the vehicle is still running. In short, it’s confusing and aggravating. While this particular warning light is not an emergency that forces you to pull off the road immediately, it may have a variety of causes–some