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When you look at diesel-powered vehicles, you know they’re built to last. Vehicles utilize the extra power that diesel engines offer in order to move heavier loads. It even reflects in their internal builds, as components like the transmission system are a lot bigger and rugged so it can withstand the extra stress. So when a diesel vehicle’s transmission system starts to malfunction, it’s important that you visit a shop that understands the complex nature of transmission repair. A shop that can confidently make a repair, despite the added size. A shop like us!

At Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, Texas, we have the team to take care of all your diesel transmission needs. Our ASE Certified technicians and expertly trained service professionals have the tools and service techniques to handle even the toughest repairs for your vehicle’s transmission system. Whether it’s a pickup truck or a commercial truck, our team can handle any transmission system that comes our way!

Diesel vs. Gas Transmission Systems — Is There a Difference?

Despite what many people may believe, diesel transmission systems and gas transmission systems don’t actually have that many differences. The biggest differences lie in the size of the transmission and cooling systems. For the size of the transmission system, diesel vehicles will naturally be larger than their gasoline counterparts due to their usage, as diesel vehicles are typically responsible for moving bigger payloads. The added size helps the transmission withstand the stress! For the cooling systems, diesel vehicles typically utilize a bigger cooling system and they use it more frequently. Again, this is directly attributed to their heavy duty usage as their transmission fluid may overheat sooner, especially when the vehicle is towing something. Outside of those two components, each transmission system must still achieve the same goals: control the RPM’s as they increase/reduce speed and direct the vehicle forward and backward.

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The transmission system plays a crucial role in the overall performance of your diesel-powered vehicle. So when it does get into trouble, you’ll need a shop that specializes in diesel transmission care. A shop that can confidently make any repair needed, regardless if it’s an RV or a tow truck. A shop like Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, TX. Our ASE Certified technicians and expertly trained service professionals have the skill and technical know-how to tackle any problem your vehicle’s transmission system may have. Give us a call at 512-331-9797 and schedule an appointment with us! If you’re in the area, stop by our shop at 607 West Whitestone Blvd and ask our service professionals how we can help your vehicle perform at it’s best!