Other Transmission Services in Cedar Park

Transmission Fluid Service Cedar Park, TX

Almost nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating and transmission fluid contamination. The transmission fluids in today’s high tech transmissions are a special blend that are specific to your automobile. Many vehicles require synthetic blends or full synthetics with the proper friction modification. Just like the oil in your cars engine, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) suffers from electrochemical degradation, heat, and friction. This transmission service provides a replacement of the fluid filter and gasket. Most car manufacture has specification require complete fluid change at 50,000 mile intervals. Call Eagle Transmission of Cedar Park and get your transmission service today.

Cedar Park, TX Differential Gears Services

Should any damage occur to the gears and bearings, axles, or seals of your car, our specialists at Eagle Transmission can diagnose and handle all your differential repair needs. Differential service involves the inspection, replacement, or repair of these components as well as fluid service.

Front Wheel Drive Axle Repairs

We also repair or replace “CV axles” or “boots” of your front-wheel-drive automobile. These constant velocity axles often require service due to age, split boots, and internal damage. Usually, you can tell that your axles are in need of differential repairs because they emit a loud noise after they are worn or damaged. If you hear this noise near the front or rear axle of your vehicle, Eagle Transmission will happily provide differential service and repair.

Drive Shaft Repair in Cedar Park, TX

The drivetrain and U-joints of your vehicle work together to maintain proper alignment and overall performance; at Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, Texas, we employ a team of drivetrain specialists to inspect and repair the U-joints and other drive shaft components of any vehicle. We recommend that these components are checked frequently to support the performance of your vehicle and your safety. If you can hear a squeal or squeaking sound upon accelerating, you may require drive shaft repair or drive shaft balancing. Our location in Cedar Park, TX offers the following services to keep your drive shaft from being dislodged:

Whether you are in need of drive shaft balancing, repair, U-joint replacement, or other service, Eagle Transmission is glad to assist. Whatever your need, Eagle Transmission has the experience and staff to get the job done.

Transfer Case Repair in Cedar Park, TX

There are trucks, SUVs and cars are equipped with four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive systems. These systems incorporate a transfer case to ensure that power is distributed to all four wheels. If your vehicle will not engage/disengage all four wheels or if you hear an unusual noise while driving, bring it by for a free inspection. When your vehicle is in need of transfer case repair, Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park can service your needs.

Free Transfer Case Repair Estimates

Eagle Transmission Center technicians provide free transfer case repair estimates for all makes and models of four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles. Should repair be required, we offer the following services:

Eagle Transmission will take on any transfer case inspection, replacement, or repair job and complete it with the same affordable prices, customer service skills, and professionalism that we have always practiced.