Most Common Check Engine Light Causes

Posted on April 22, 2021 by Eagle Transmission in Check Engine Light

Common Culprits

Nobody wants to see the check engine light come on, and it’s tempting to ignore it because the vehicle is still running. In short, it’s confusing and aggravating. While this particular warning light is not an emergency that forces you to pull off the road immediately, it may have a variety of causes–some with long-term consequences–and should never be ignored. Therefore, you should bring your auto to Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, Texas, for accurate diagnosis and repair. In business since 1983, our certified staff and modern equipment create the perfect environment for prompt, reliable service that will solve your check engine woes.

Frequent Check Engine Triggers

A check engine message can be caused by a number of malfunctions, but there are some problems that seem to most often set it off. In many cases, the culprit is a faulty oxygen sensor, the part that measures the amount of unburned oxygen in exhaust. A defective sensor reduces fuel efficiency and can damage spark plugs and the catalytic converter if not replaced. Another simple, but real issue can be a poorly fitting gas cap. If it is loose or damaged, it may allow your fuel to evaporate or leak, and it can also cause the check engine light to illuminate. Likewise, the catalytic converter, which changes carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, can trigger the warning. Left unaddressed, it can cause poor engine performance, poor gas mileage, and an increase in engine temperature. Measuring the amount of air going into the engine so that the right amount of fuel is added for combustion, the mass airflow sensor can reduce mileage and performance as well as cause the alert if it goes bad. Left unchecked, it can even lead to spark plug, oxygen sensor, or catalytic converter damage. Finally, worn spark plug wires or old spark plugs may be the underlying cause. They are necessary for igniting the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders. If these components need replacing, they impact performance and economy and can lead to damaged oxygen sensors, ignition coils, and catalytic converter.

Repair Service to Turn Off the Warning Light

Determining the problem that has triggered the check engine light in your vehicle is important. It will help your auto perform better and may prevent further damage that could result from not correcting the problem. Further, since all autos registered in Texas must undergo an annual safety inspection and those located in 17 counties must meet emissions standards, you will likely need to correct the problem to ensure that your car passes inspection. You can’t fix the problem by guessing. Instead, bring your vehicle to Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, Texas, for accurate diagnosis and repair that will turn off your check engine warning.

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