It’s Great Until It’s Not–Technology Mishaps in Your Vehicle

Posted on April 12, 2023 by Eagle Transmission in Auto Repair

The “Latest and Greatest”

Unquestionably, vehicles have come a long way since those first cars rolled off Henry Ford’s famous assembly line. The production method that was the “latest and greatest” in Ford’s day pales in comparison to cars that can give you directions, park for you, watch for pedestrians, and help you access the internet on the go. All that technology is great until it’s not. Drivers use it without much thought until it no longer works properly. Then it can seem like a major problem. Eagle Transmission Cedar Park in Cedar Park, Texas, can help you with the auto repair necessary for restoring your car’s technology to proper working order.

What Could Go Wrong?

It’s a reasonable conclusion to draw that the immense increase in automotive technology comes with more associated problems that can develop. For example, a vehicle equipped with GPS (a global positioning system) relies upon mapping software to assist drivers with navigation. If the unit is improperly installed or is running on outdated software, the GPS can provide erroneous directions. Also, connecting online as you’re on the go provides many benefits, but a common problem is an unstable internet connection. In-car entertainment systems have become quite complex, but those, too, can pose problems. While older systems typically only malfunctioned due to blown fuses or faulty wiring, today’s models can shut down due to problematic software or leave users struggling with the display or sound. Although nobody wants to encounter one of these technology fails, the great news is that we can help you get your vehicle’s technology back up to par.

Good as New

When you entrust your technology-rich automobile to Eagle Transmission Cedar Park, we’ll help your vehicle return to “as good as new” condition. Our shop has been in operation since 1983, so we’ve grown alongside advancements in technology. That places us in a prime position for being able to accurately diagnose and fix your car’s technology issues. Furthermore, we stand behind the work we do with a stellar three-year/50,000 mile warranty.

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