Top Repairs To Expect When You Own a Car

Posted on January 22, 2020 by Eagle Transmission in Auto Repair

Oil Changes, Engine Repair, & More!

When you purchase a new car, you may budget for the monthly payment and gas. It’s important not to forget about auto repair and maintenance. Some services have to be performed on a regular basis, while others often wait until there is an indication that something is wrong. Here are several of the repairs you may need to expect over the life of your car.

Regular Maintenance

There are several things that you need to schedule regularly in order to keep your car working properly. The most common maintenance service is an oil and filter change. Twice a year, you should also have an engine tune-up performed. During the tune-up, your mechanic can check out what’s going on under the hood, top off all the necessary fluids, and fix small problems. The tune-up can also tell you if any major repairs need to be done.

Parts Replacement

Almost everything on your car will wear out eventually and thus will need to be replaced. When the tread on your tires starts to wear thin, you will need to replace them. Your car won’t start without functional spark plugs. Your battery can only be jumped or recharged so many times until you will need to get a new one. Belts may wear out and cause serious damage to your engine if neglected. Every part has to work well in order for your car to run efficiently or, in some cases, run at all.

Engine and Transmission Repair

The transmission of your car helps transfer power to and from the engine. When your transmission needs repair, you may notice that you have trouble shifting gears or that each shift comes with a horrible grinding noise. The transmission fluid may also turn dark or look burnt. Major problems with your engine or transmission don’t just go away on their own. If your check engine light comes on, you need to take your car to a qualified mechanic to find out what the problem is.

Maintenance and auto repair are an integral part of car ownership. Call Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, Texas, and let our ASE certified technicians diagnose and fix whatever problems you are having with your vehicle.

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