Auto Repair & Maintenance Myths

Posted on October 22, 2020 by Eagle Transmission in Auto Repair

Here’s What’s True

When it comes to auto maintenance and repair, some routines are based more on tradition and word of mouth than on the needs of today’s vehicles. In short, they’re myths, not so different from the story of a rabbit that delivers eggs passed down across the generations. It’s not that anyone intentionally misleads you. Rather, like the bunny, the auto car checklist seems to have taken on an identity of its own. If you’re concerned about distinguishing fact from fiction–what services you need for your car and how often–bring your ride to Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, Texas. We’ll help you with the reality of vehicle maintenance and repair and have you hopping back into your daily routine quickly.

Common Car Care Myths

  1. Some commonly accepted points of car care may be a bit skewed. For example, oil change needs for your vehicle may not be the commonly purported 3,000 mile interval. Modern engines and higher mileage motor oils translate into the ability to go longer between oil changes than in past decades.
  2. Also, while it was once deemed critical to warm up a car before driving, particularly in cold weather, newer engines actually warm more quickly when in use. Current recommendation is to start the car and begin driving immediately.
  3. Another myth is that premium gasoline is preferred over regular grade. Most modern engines are designed to perform well with the standard grade fuel.
  4. Additionally, people sometimes incorrectly presume that they should inflate their tires to the pressure indicated on the sidewall. This is the maximum safe pressure, but not necessarily the optimal inflation for your vehicle. You should consult your owner’s manual to find the proper inflation.
  5. Other suggestions that may no longer hold true include changing transmission fluid every 50,000 miles (when your manufacturer may recommend a much less frequent schedule), using tires down to 2/32 of tread (which is quite minimal and may not offer sufficient traction on wet roads), and opening windows instead of using the air conditioner to improve fuel economy (when the resulting drag may actually reduce mileage more than using the AC).
  6. Finally, recognize that you don’t have to have every service performed at a dealership to ensure that you’re meeting requirements for maintaining warranty coverage. As long as you follow the recommended checklist, any reputable shop can perform the work. After all, regardless of what color you dye the egg, it’s still an egg inside.

Your Local Pros

At Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, Texas, we pride ourselves on the expert auto repair and exceptional customer service we’ve offered since 1983. Because we value reliable service and integrity, we’ve proven ourselves as a proverbial “good egg” in the automotive repair industry. We look forward to seeing you soon to help you navigate the truths and myths about your car.

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