Automatic Transmission Problems. Cedar Park, TX

Most drivers don't research the inner workings of their automatic transmissions because they usually work effortlessly and without issues. When problems occur, however, that cause an automatic transmission to fail or work improperly, this demographic needs a reputable expert to perform inspection, service, and repair. When the problem isn't directly linked to fluid levels, solenoid problems, or a faulty valve, the transmission probably has to be taken out for closer inspection. Unlike other shops that simply rip the transmission out and replace it in this scenario, Eagle Transmission diagnoses the problem and rebuilds your existing transmission whenever possible.

Transmission Fluid Levels and Transmission Leaks

One of the most frequent complaints with the automatic transmission is the transmission leak. A transmission leak can result from a cracked or dislodged seal in the driveshaft, pan gasket or line connections. To prevent this from happening, come by your local Eagle Transmission, where a team of professionally trained technicians are eager to assist you.