Honda Transmission Problems

Eagle Transmission specializes in quality Honda Transmission Repairs

Honda and their consumers have reported transmission problems in some of the newer models, resulting in the recall of more than a million and a half vehicles. The predominant issue in these new Hondas is that they suffer shaft bearing damage as a result of common shifting practices. This results in the inability of these automatic transmissions to engage the parking gear.

Honda Transmission Repair Experts

When you need Honda transmission repair, you can trust the professionals at Eagle Transmission because their training and experience are exceptional. Our transmission technicians have performed numerous Honda transmission repair jobs, so whatever the issue, we have the faculty, facilities and equipment to get you back on the road with a reliable vehicle.

Honda Transmission Replacement

Eagle Transmission provides solutions to all of your transmission needs under one roof by affordably servicing, repairing, or even replacing your Honda transmission with customer service and job quality as the highest priorities.