Check Engine Light. Cedar Park, TX

The check engine light in your vehicle is designed to alert you to potentially serious problems as early as possible. By diagnosing engine and transmission problems early, you can often avoid costly repair bills. The experts at Eagle Transmission in Cedar Park, TX will use high-tech equipment to determine why your light was triggered. We'll be able to diagnose the problem for you and perform repairs quickly, affordably and efficiently.

Detect Transmission Problems Early

Although the check engine light is triggered by sensors that are located throughout the engine of your vehicle, it can give you early warnings about transmission problems as well as sense vibrations and other issues that you may be unable to see or feel. By the time you see or feel certain problems, you're often looking at a major repair and a hefty bill.

Take it Seriously

The check engine light is there for a reason. If it lights up, bring your car to Eagle Transmission. Even if your light never comes on, it never hurts to have your transmission examined by our highly trained and experienced technicians from time to time, so schedule an appointment today.