Our Transmission Repair in Cedar Park, TX

Eagle Transmission is defining the new standard of quality in transmission service and repair for foreign or domestic cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles. We combine a staff of professionally trained technicians, high-quality equipment, and facilities to ensure that every transmission repair job is completed to this standard. Whether you need service on a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, Eagle Transmission specialists will diagnose problems, make repairs, and advise proper transmission care so that you can get the most out of each visit.


We Service Both Automatic and Manual Transmissions

During our inspection, we will be able to determine if the transmission has either internal or external failure. We will complete a computer analysis, leak check, pressure test, lift inspection, and all linkage adjustments. If the transmission has an internal failure, the transmission will have to be removed from the vehicle and be dis-assembled to determine what the extent of the internal damage is and what repairs are needed. We sell transmission repairs on a range of best case and worse case scenarios. We do this because we want our customers to know their cost up front before we remove the transmission and dis-assemble it. Once it is dis-assembled we will be able to provide you an exact estimate that will never exceed estimated cost. This saves our customers time, money, and stress. To provide more peace of mind, we place a 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty on all repairs.