Transmission Clutch Repair in Cedar Park, TX

The clutch in a manual-transmission automobile allows the driver to communicate with the transmission for safe shifting, braking, and other functions. As one of the most frequently used components in manual automobiles, the clutch constantly disengages and re-engages to allow for fluid shifting. Over time, this repeated use may cause the clutch to grind, slip, and a number of other clutch problems. When the clutch disc, pressure plate, bearing, or flywheel needs replacement or repair, Eagle Transmission technicians will perform clutch repair service.

Manual Transmission Experts and Certified Technicians

Clutch repair targets a number of clutch problems to restore your manual transmission to its original smoothness and reliability. Our certified technicians will inspect your transmission, explain any needed repairs or service to you in a kind and articulate manner, and promptly fix your clutch problems.